Pageant of the Masters: don’t just look at art, live it.

There’s no doubt about it. Whether or not you like art, whether or not you like theater, you HAVE to see Pageant of the Masters at some point in your life. This truly one-of-a-kind event features ridiculously detailed live re-creations … Continued

Spiral Bound: promoting art opportunities for all

You probably haven’t heard of Spiral Bound, a documentary premiering today in Charlotte, North Carolina, but you should! Featuring school students, teachers and administrators from Charlotte, and sponsored by The Arts & Science Council, the film addresses the need for arts … Continued

Hey, go support the ArtLifting Kickstarter.

I just read about this REALLY awesome organization called ArtLifting on CNet, and they need your help! Who are they? From their website: We empower homeless, disabled, and other disadvantaged individuals through the celebration and sale of their artwork. When an artist … Continued

So you want to be an art curator.

The job of a museum curator is undoubtedly an important one in the art world — and one of the most hectic. As websites and Facebook pages make artists more known than ever before, all around the globe, curators have become busier than ever. … Continued

Need to raise ADP funds? Try a fun run!

This last Saturday, the 16th annual Race for the Arts took place in Sacramento, with hundreds of workers running or walking a 5K course after raising pledges for art organizations. 100% of the pledges went to the art organization of their choice, with … Continued

#ArtSelfie: what’s up with museum photography?

We’re retiring Artist Spotlight for a little while, and instead focusing on another important yet often overlooked aspect of the art world: museums and curation. Today, let’s look at the debate over taking photos in art museums. It’s tempting to … Continued