An Inspirational Testimony from a Student

former student inspired by the art docent programHere’s a testimony from a young woman who grew up in schools with the Art Docent Program. Nicole B. who is now a sophomore at University of Arizona studying pre-business with a minor in 2D and Computer Arts. “Art Docent was the beginning to my success in school and led me to my passion in art. Growing up, school never came easy to me. Math, history and science all seemed foreign. I fell behind at an early age and attended extra reading programs and speech class while my classmates were at recess or their normal classes. I was frustrated and began to despise school because it was hard for me to grasp the concepts the same way other kids could. It wasn’t until I was introduced to art through the Art Docent Program that I became hopeful and y interest for learning was reignited. I began to understand things visually and enjoy the other subjects. The Docents related what I was learning in school to pictures and paintings, allowing me to relate what I learned in other classes to artwork. When given an art project I was always the last to finish and would even stay in breaks until I was satisfied with the final project. Finding something I was good at gave me the confidence I lacked and provided an impetus to work hard in school. “I attended Granite Bay High School which has an outstanding art program that I took full advantage of by taking every art class I could. My professor Myron Stephens took my creative passion and helped me define myself as an artist. I learned and grew as an artist in just four years what normally takes half a lifetime of failures to accomplish. Professor Stephens taught us from his own experience as a professional artist. He held me to what seemed to be an impossible standard in order for me to reach my fullest potential. He pushed me as an artist beyond what I thought I was able to create. My paintings have placed in the California State Fair, as well as the 2012 Congressional Art Show. Additionally, I am a represented artist in an online gallery called Xanadu Art Gallery. Art Docent sparked my interest in not only art but in school and led me to pursue a higher education. Without this initial spark I would not have been able to accomplish what I have thus far as an artist and a student.” Nicole’s art explores the modern ideals of society and compares them to the past in order to fully understand how the origins of civilization have progressed and where society is headed. Please view her artwork at

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