Museum Spotlight: Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Planning a vacation to Chiang Mai, Thailand, anytime soon? You might want to after hearing about Art in Paradise Chiang Mai.

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai is an illusion art museum that allows visitors to really interact with its art. Illusion art is, according to Art in Paradise’s website, the creation of the “illusion of depth” in their paintings and installation art, which “transforms ordinary artworks into extraordinary three-dimensional interactive environments.” Think of pictures of sidewalk chalk art that make people look like they’re falling into lava or into a pit, and you’ve got an idea of the pieces in Art in Paradise.

Visitors interact with art at Art in Paradise Chiang Mai! c/o

According to its website, Art in Paradise Chiang Mai was established by Jang Kyu Suk, who brought in over 14 professional painters from his native Korea to create over 130 illusion paintings. The museum is split up into six different “zones” grouped by theme: underwater world, where visitors can place themselves among marine creatures; wildlife, where visitors can “interact” with some of the world’s deadliest creatures; Classic art, which allows visitors to become part of some of the world’s most famous art; architecture, where visitors can place themselves anywhere from European streets to “Korean, Thai, and Khmer architecture”; an ancient Egyptian section; and a section devoted to surreal art featuring creatures from millions of years ago. Like Jurassic World, only safer.

Jurassic World or Art in Paradise Chiang Mai? c/o

After gaining worldwide popularity, Art in Paradise Chiang Mai has two sister branches in Thailand, in Pataya and Bangkok. All feature different interactive illusion art pieces for visitors to enjoy.

Magic carpet rides at Art in Paradise Chiang Mai! c/o

How cheap are plane tickets to Thailand, again?

Check out Art in Paradise Chiang Mai’s website here!

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