Pre-Raphaelite Sass

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of painters(and sometimes-poets) in mid-to-late-19th century England. Consisting of such artists as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, and William Holman Hunt, their aim was to capture the artistic grace they found in the paintings of Raphael. Their works are generally characterized as being very aesthetically pleasing but not quite as substantive as they could be. Christina Rossetti, sister of painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, even publicly called him out for objectifying women in her poem “In An Artist’s Studio” (read it here. Would you like some ice for that burn, Dante?). However, even if you don’t find Pre-Raphaelite art necessarily super complex, there are tons of instances in which it reflects exactly how you’re feeling. Without any further ado, here are 10 instances in which the Pre-Raphaelites summed up your exact feelings.


1. When your friends ask if you’re going to share that food. Proserpine, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874.

The answer is no. Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “Proserpine.” c/o


2. When your friends push back your plans until later but you’re already ready. Lady Lilith, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1868.

Well, guess I’ll just sit here and smolder at the wall then. Rossetti’s “Lady Lilith” c/o


3. When someone interrupts you while you’re reading. Portrait of Effie Millais, John Everett Millais.

Just don’t. Millais’ “Portrait of Effie Millais” c/o


4. When your friend just broke up with their awful SO who you always hated and you have to comfort them whilst pretending you’re sad, too. The Wounded Cavalier, William Shakespeare Burton, 1855.

Oh look how much I care. Burton’s “The Wounded Cavalier” c/o


No really, it is sad. Don’t I look upset? Detail c/o


5. When you’re trying to get up in the morning. Ophelia, John Everett Millais, 1852.

Just five more minutes…. Millais’ “Ophelia” c/o


6. When you have to clean up after you have people over. The Birthday, William Holman Hunt, 1868.

This is why I don’t have parties. Hunt’s “The Birthday” c/o


7. After you’ve been sitting down at work all day. Mariana, John Everett Millais, 1851.

Maybe I should do yoga or something. Millais’ “Mariana” c/o


8. The 2:00 slump at work. The Day Dream, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1880.

I wasn’t zoning out or anything. Rossetti’s “The Day Dream” c/o


9. When you go out with your squad but then you can’t find them anywhere after you come back from the bathroom. The Two Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower, John Everett Millais, 1878.

This is why I don’t go anywhere. Millais’ “The Two Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower” c/o


10. When you just can’t deal anymore. Because you’re about to be burned at the stake like our lovely model here. William Shakespeare Burton, Auto-da-fe. 1893-97.

Gettin’ real tired of this nonsense. Burton’s “Auto-da-fe” c/o
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