Creativity for the Open Spaces: Remembering Marta Becket

Vast, empty spaces are often fuel for an artist’s creative fire. A break from the typical hustle of any sort can often create new breakthroughs for many creatives (just ask any LA artist if a trip to the desert did … Continued

Artist Spotlight: “Artivist”/Sculptor Courtney Mattison

Meet artivist Courtney Mattison. Artivist? Yes. In Mattison’s own words, she’s an “artivist”–artist + activist. As a sculptor, Mattison’s background in art and marine biology has inspired her to not just create artwork based on underwater ecosystems, but given her … Continued

Lucinda Oakes’ Beautiful Trompe L’Oeil Redefines “Craft”

    Looking for something that looks “straight outta the 18th century”–but not actually straight out of the 18th century? Lucinda Oakes is your lady. Oakes, a Sussex, U.K.-based artist, designer, and muralist, specializes in trompe l’oeil painting that looks … Continued