Five Teaching Tips For Docents!

5 Teaching Tips for Art Docents1. Partner Up!

During the classroom discussion about the artworks, ask a question and have the students stand up and share their responses with the student next to them.  This not only gets the “wiggles” out but also allows every student to respond to the question.

2. Popsicle Sticks

Write the name of each student on a popsicle stick.  Draw one out each time you want a response about the artworks that are presented.  This encourages all students to participate in the discussion and it helps you learn their names!

(Note: It is okay if a student wants to “pass” and not make a response.)

3. Vocab-Builder

Remember to include vocabulary words found on the art project page.  Write them on the board and use them in your discussion.  Pay special attention to English Language Learners who may not know words like diagonal, horizon, harvest, etc.

4. Early Birds

Ever wondered what to do with the students who finish their art project early? Elementary students may enjoy hearing a story about an artist. Junior high school students can write poems about their art project.  For examples please see the Docent Guide materials.

5. Pop Quiz Questions

(Recommended for all grades.)  Write 4-5 questions per painting on cards.  Divide the class into small groups, one artwork per group.  Give each group one card and ask the students to discuss the answers among each other to be prepared for the pop quiz.

Have fun in the classroom!


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