Make the 2020-2021 School Year Beautiful with Art!

Good news!
We have you covered for TK – 6th Grade!

Got Home Schoolers?
We’ve written a guide for parents. Just register the parents as Docents, and they can participate just like on-site docents.

Got Distance Learners?
A Docent can fire up Zoom, Google Meets, or any other screen sharing tool from anywhere. Share the browser window, and all the kids who are logged-in can see the art. It’s really not much different than a projector, except the art looks even better!

Check out how Head Docent Suzie Yoho teaches from her dining room:

During these unusual times, students need art more than ever! We hope that the experience of the Art Docent Program has brought joy to them in earlier grades, but…

If you are new to the Program, Welcome!

With Distance Learning students can experience the lessons on Zoom, WebEx or Google Classroom (or any online screen-sharing tool) led by a Docent (usually a parent volunteer), or a classroom teacher. Students will look at examples of great art and then get guidance on making their own art project, inspired by the different styles they see! They will need to have art supplies and some visual resources available in order to make the art.

In a classroom setting, the Docent presents the lessons in person and shows the art on a projector. The required art supplies are made available by the Docent as well.

But Distance Learning and Home Schooling are a bit different…

This Parent Guide tells you what your student will need and contains an explanation of the Program.

Although there are nine lessons in each grade level, we chose four lessons for parents to start the school year for their children. Please look at your student’s grade level to learn what art supplies and visual resources they will need. Visual resources are usually photographs that you can find on the internet, in magazines or photographic calendars.

Please start to gather supplies EARLY so your students are ready for the first lesson!

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