One-Stop Holiday Shopping: Your Local Museum Store?

Looking for a unique place to find a Christmas gift for the art-lover in your life? (Or, let’s face it, a special gift for yourself?) Here’s a thought: try your local museum shop. Despite criticism by Banksy (whose film is … Continued

Down to the (Humidifier’s) Wire at The Crocker

You remember humidifiers, right? It turns out that those sometimes-loud machines your parents would put in your room whenever you were overcome with a cold as a kid are critical to helping museums function. Humidifiers and climate-control systems are key … Continued

5 Art Museums You’ve Never Heard Of

When you think of art museums, what generally comes to mind? The Louvre, of course. Every museum in Florence and Rome. London’s National Gallery. Madrid’s Prado. New York’s MOMA. Maybe if you’re feeling generous, you came up with the Getty … Continued