5 Artists’ Gardens That Are Still Thriving Today

Ahh, springtime…when the world is fresh and blooming, and there’s nothing else quite like it! Many artists, we’re sure, have felt the same way, especially when they’re painting en plein air or from life. After spotting an article in┬áSunset┬ámentioning Frida … Continued

Our Top 8 Artistic Gifts for Kids Under $20 This Holiday Season

Scrambling for a gift for the kid(s) in your life that’s a bit more creative than this year’s big-ticket items? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! We were inspired Museum Shop Sunday (check out more on this movement here) to … Continued

Kids, The Art of Looking in a Digital Age, and How Art Can Help

Back when I was still in college (a whopping 3 weeks ago), I remember several conversations I had with my art history professor. When covering the Impressionist painters and when talking about the scholarship surrounding Vermeer, she brought up a … Continued