10 Artist Quotes To Spark Your Creativity

It’s no surprise that artists tend to be some of the most notable quotables. And since discovering how artists talk about their work can often inspire creative people of any sort, we decided it was high time to put together … Continued

7 Artistic National Treasures to Celebrate This 4th of July

In the spirit of the holiday this week, we’re celebrating some of our national treasures. . .that is, national artistic treasures! We’ve gone through our curriculum and have narrowed down seven iconic artworks created by American artists featured in our program … Continued

Georgia Abroad–O’Keeffe Works On Tour

    Some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s works are taking a trip to Europe in light of the Brexit. Just kidding–not really because of the Brexit–but over 100 of O’Keeffe’s pieces will be shown throughout Europe this fall. This marks the … Continued