Still Life Paintings: The Original #Foodstagrams

Still life paintings were one of the most popular genres of the 17th century and have only grown in popularity since. The sheer amount of still life paintings produced in the Low Countries (present-day Netherlands, Belgium, etc.) numbers to hundreds … Continued

Check Out This Next-Level Coffee Art

We all know that coffee and latte art keeps consistently approaching new levels of creativity these days. (Just search #latteart on Instagram or Google and take a look at the results. Crazy, right?) But out of all these, there’s one … Continued

Check Out This Kid-Friendly Edible Art!

  Picky eaters–every family has at least one. Getting that one kid–or that one adult, even–to eat what’s been prepared is a task most parents grumble about, at best. How to get everyone excited about what’s on the menu? Lunarbell_lunch, … Continued


Tired of scrolling past endless selfies in your Instagram feed? Annoyed by the amount of your friends who are “addicted to the gym lol” and feel the need to share how much more fit they are than you? Sick of … Continued