Art & Alchemy Help the Stockton PD Reconnect

It’s no secret that a day in the life as a police officer is stressful, at best. They’re under tremendous pressure to keep their communities safe and are often under scrutiny from the public.The pressure of it all leads to law … Continued

Delicate Beauty: Stained Glass Gypsum Windows at al-Aqsa Mosque

When you think of stained glass windows, soaring Gothic cathedrals in France and England may come to mind, complete with intricate biblical scenes communicating morals to the masses and stunning rose windows. While both beautiful and iconic, European stained glass … Continued

Art for All: The Met Opens Online Access in New Initiative

In a world where almost everything is now easily-accessible (thanks to the Internet), access to the art world has, for the most part, remained somewhat difficult. Despite some major museums worldwide offering free admission, it still seems like art museums … Continued

Manetti Shrem Museum of Art Opens at UC Davis

With the grand opening of its Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art to the public this past Sunday, UC Davis has extended an artistic legacy nearly 60 years in the making. Though the art museum is brand-new, … Continued

Milestone Mexican Art Exhibit Opens in Paris

Adding to the astronomical number of works on the informal list of Art You Must See in Paris, the largest exhibition of Mexican art to take place in 60 years opened October 5 at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. … Continued

Lichtenstein Pops into LA at Skirball Exhibition

Friday marked the opening of a massive Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Skirball Cultural in Los Angeles. Titled Pop for the People: Roy Lichtenstein in L.A. (October 7, 2016-March 12, 2017) the exhibition focuses on how Lichtenstein brought the Pop … Continued

Stolen van Gogh Paintings Recovered

Two van Gogh paintings that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam in 2002 were recently recovered in Italy. According to The New York Times, the two paintings, stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in a heist, were recovered in … Continued

What If Art Could Solve Air Pollution?

No, seriously. What if we could take all the pollutants in the air and convert them into paint? Or is that too futuristic? Not for Graviky Labs, who have already done just that. According to Hyperallergic (as well as Graviky … Continued

Bauhaus Online–Harvard Opens up Collection

Look out–the Harvard Art Museums have just opened up their massive collection of Bauhaus art to the world wide web. In a move that seems only fitting with the 25th anniversary of the Internet itself (feel old yet?), over 32,000 … Continued

Sacramento Mural Festival to Build Local Color

  Next up in Sacramento’s bid to establish itself firmly on the art map: a mural festival two years in the making. Beginning August 20 and running until August 27, the Sacramento Mural Festival will feature local muralists, as well … Continued