Audubon’s “Birds of America” Illustrations are Now Online

As the world becomes progressively more digital, we here at the Art Docent Program have been covering more and more stories about art going digital. Collections at places like the Met are now available online, and Google Maps even has … Continued

You Can Add to this Library of Sketchbooks

The phrase “The Sketchbook Library” sounds like a book title (specifically, the next big Elizabeth Kostova [or, if you imagined hard, possibly Dan Brown] novel. Honestly, it doesn’t matter–either one of those would make for an awesome read.) But for … Continued

Art & Language Bloom in “Botanical Shakespeare”

Seems like your college theatre professor was right–there’s a reason Shakespeare in the park is so popular. Aside from the Bard’s seemingly-universal popularity and the attraction of free summer events, there’s another reason: Shakespeare seems to work best in the … Continued

Art Pops Up in Courtney Wilson McCarthy’s Pop-Up Books

If you’re looking for the perfect way to expose (or indoctrinate) your kids to art history, Courtney Watson McCarthy may have just made your life a whole lot easier. The paper engineer and graphic designer, aside from having the coolest-sounding … Continued

Eat Like the Artists: The New “Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook”

Does a cactus omelette sound appealing to you? What if it was a dish billed “for morning, noon, or night?” And–if you’re still not sold–what if it was Ed Ruscha’s personal recipe? Ed Ruscha’s cactus omelette, amid a host of … Continued

Art Reads–“The Swan Thieves”

A mystery that starts with the slashing of a painting at The National Gallery of Art weaves its way through its characters’ personal histories and through the heart of French Impressionism itself in Elizabeth Kostova’s novel The Swan Thieves. Elizabeth … Continued

Art Reads–“Headlong”

If you’re as much an Anglophile as you are an art history lover, then Michael Frayn’s novel Headlong is definitely for you. I’d recommend cracking it open on a foggy day with a steaming cup of PG Tips (or whatever … Continued